Lemongrass & Citronella Body Mist

Lemongrass & Citronella Body Mist | Neemli Naturals

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All of us want to attract the good things in life and that definitely doesn’t include bugs and insects! A great plant-based, natural alternative to toxic sprays, the Neemli Lemongrass & Citronella Body Mist wards off mosquitoes and other bugs and leaves you with a fresh, invigorating natural aroma. A deliciously citrusy blend of lemongrass and citronella known to have insect-repelling, astringent and anti-fungal properties, this body mist is the perfect way to say ‘bugs off!’

Cruelty Free
100% Natural

Size 100ml


Shake the bottle before use, spray generously over exposed skin on body .If in an area with active bugs and mosquitoes, re-spray every 2-3 hours. Use as an air freshener by spraying liberally around a room


Citronella Hydrosol + Oil, Lemongrass Hydrosol + Oil, Geranium Hydrosol + Oil

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